PADE Integration Team

The Project PADE Integration Team is composed by six argentine specialists whom integrated the experiments in the Kennedy Space Center and informed the NASA inspectors to assure the safety and requirements of the hardware which flew in the Space Shuttle Endeavour in December 2001.
The integration team flew to Florida, USA during September 2001 and despite the tragic events of September 11th they could carry out the integration and safety checkout. First, the pre-integration took place at the Florida Space Institute, inside the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Then, they proceeded to the final integration with NASA at the Kennedy Space Center.

-The Project PADE Integration Team are:

Pablo De León, Payload Manager.
Pablo created the Project PADE and was the main organizer of the effort. He made the experiments selection and designed the support hardware and the systems needed for the experimenters. He is also, the responsible for all the project to NASA
Jorge Lassig, aeronautical engineer, specialist in Fluids Dynamics was the designer of four of the seven experiments flying in the PADE. He also was a great help in the development of the entire process to have everything done on time and following the highest standards

Alicia Serravalle, Crystal Growth Specialist. Alicia was the force behind the Crystal Growth Experiment and dealt with mechanical problems, as well as chemical ones, her specialty

Alejandro Alvarez begun working in the PADE from the begining and was other of the workforces during the process. He, as an electronics engineer is in charge of the battery system and the electrical interfaces.

Martin Demonte is the specialist who put together the structure and some of the experiments just before the closing. He also made the first mock-up of the structure and was the designer of the PADE logo which flew in the exterior of the payload canister.

Gustavo Monte, another capable electronics engineer is the designer of the complex electronic system of the fluids dynamics experiments flying in PADE.



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